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Featuring: Polecam Camera Overview

Focus Motion - A Polecam Overview Cameramen, producers and more importantly audiences love big sweeping shots, boom-ups, glide-ins - nothing delivers production value like a crane. But everyone knows that cranes come at a price - setup time, size, weight, and other limitations; until now. Polecam is the crane unleashed! Imagine a 20' foot crane you can put anywhere (in a boat, a pick-up, a golf cart, or on a harness!), a crane you can set up in under 10 minutes, and then move anywhere you like in seconds. Polecam delivers all the production value of a typical jib - in less space, with less weight and much faster set up. Polecam's 'secret' is technology. For 10 years Polecam has been developing and refining the best in the latest technologies to take the jib into the 21st century. Carbon fiber is stronger than steel yet lighter than aluminum. Micro-motors provide zero-backlash control for smooth and steady moves. Broadcast quality mini-camera systems give you images to rival their full-sized counterparts. All of these combine to make Polecam a cutting-edge production tool for your production needs. (Check out Polecam from our product showroom!)