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Vinten Vision AS Tripod Review by Philip Bloom

原作者:Philip Bloom (Director and Film Maker) --- (Source

I was lucky enough to get a chance to look around the Vinten factory in deepest Suffolk so I could pick up a new Vinten Vision AS head to test out for a few days.

My good friend Tom Guilmette was promoting them at NAB this year and I had a look at them then, but this was first real “hands on” with them.


They come in 4 “flavours” for different payloads…


Vision 3AS           2.0 – 5.0 kg / 4.4 – 11 lbs

Vision 5AS           4.5 – 10.5 kg / 9.9 – 23.1 lbs

Vision 8AS           5.5 – 12.5 kg / 12.1 – 27.6 lbs

Vision 10AS         6.5 – 14.5 kg / 14.3 – 32 lbs

I personally own a few tripods. A Sachtler 18p, Miller DS20 solo, Cartoni Focus and a Vinten Vision 11 Fibertec. I love my Vinten and Miller tripods very much. The miller is a bit too light for the EX3 with adaptor but is perfect for the 5dmk2…The Vinten is my “full time” tripod. I use is 90% of the time. They are so robust, so well made.


The new Vision AS series brings a number of new features and a complete re-design. First off…all black to match the sticks (no new sticks as yet). A new quick release system, an amazing perfect balance system (do check out the second video for a brief explanation of it), and a number of lovely touches. The head itself is as smooth as you could want…


I am thoroughly impressed with the new heads. They still seem pretty well made and the new features are a joy, anyway…enough writing! Watch the video to learn more!! Made for CVP.TV

Video was shot in 30p on the Canon 5d mk II and sound was mostly done on the Zoom H4Sn sound recorder and synced using Pluraleyes.