Clear-Com Appoints Digital Precision Systems as Asia's Authorized Service Provider
Clear-Com Appoints Digital Precision Systems as Asia's Authorized Service Provider
Clear-Com Appoints Digital Precision Systems as Asia's Authorized Service Provider





Authorized Service Provider Program Yields Faster Local Repairs


ALAMEDA, CALIFORNIA, NOVEMBER 7, 2011 - Clear-Com®, a global leader in critical voice communication systems, has selected Digital Precision Systems,  a premier digital broadcast systems support solution provider and long-standing Clear-Com distributor, to be an Authorized Service Provider (ASP) offering greater convenience, faster repair turnaround and reduced service costs for regional customers.  Digital Precision Systems is an essential component in completing the worldwide customer network of service and repair centers, extending Clear-Com's reach to nearly the entire Asia-Pacific region.


Clear-Com's network of Authorized Service Providers dramatically shortens the equipment repair process thereby reducing both downtime and cost. With the drive towards local servicing of mission-critical systems, Clear-Com naturally chose Digital Precision Systems as an Authorized Service Provider. Digital Precision Systems is the perfect candidate not only because they have a technical in-house facility to accommodate repair operations, but also because they are geographically positioned to support the rapid-roll out of repair services to customers as well as function as a vital channel for dispensing spare parts to other Clear-Com distributors.


"In serving as an Authorized Service Provider, our greatest opportunity lies in the remarkable potential we have to serve our Clear-Com end users," says Charles Wong, Technical Director, Digital Precision Systems. "Asia-Pacific customers can hit the ground running and employ their equipment, which has been quickly repaired, for their demanding applications. Clearly, being an Authorized Service Provider is a turnkey solution for optimizing customer satisfaction."


Digital Precision Systems joins an elite group of Clear-Com partners who already provide services in Europe, Russia, Dubai, China, Japan, Australia and Canada. These regional repair partners are backed up by Clear-Com's two primary repair centers located in Alameda, United States and Hamburg, Germany. In most cases, these service partners have received advanced training in the repair of Clear-Com equipment and have been authorized to perform Clear-Com sanctioned warranty and non-warranty repairs while maintaining the factory warranty coverage. They also receive further instruction from Clear-Com repair experts every year to stay at the forefront of change.


"The total number of Clear-Com Authorized Service Providers stands at 15 worldwide with the addition of Digital Precision Systems to the ASP program. Clear-Com's Authorized Service Providers are located in key sites throughout the world and now, Asia-Pacific. We hope to extend the service into South America, such as in Brazil, fairly soon." says Bob Romero, Clear-Com's Director of Global Service and Support. "The crucial differentiator between Clear-Com and other intercom providers has always been our focus on increasing our customer's access to indispensable resources, personalized support and business enhancing services."


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