Cobalt Digital: New products for 2014
Cobalt Digital: New products for 2014
A Selection of the New Innovations from Cobalt Digital!

9970-QS_VIDEO1_noText 3CDI_9970-card_01_with-award

9970-QS Quad-Split Multi-Viewer
The 9970-QS Quad-Split Multi-Viewer for the openGear® format,
full user Dashboard™ or OGCP-9000 Remote Control Panel allows
full status and control access locally or across standard Ethernet.
This low-power, high-density design has multiple screen sizes
including full screen, varying aspect ratios, UMD's, Timecode
insertion/burn, per PIP Audio Meter overlay, independent
Frame Sync per PIP and more!

CDI_9910-DA-4Q-card_01 2

Range of 3G/HD/SD-SDI
9910DA-4Q Quad-Channel Distribution Amplifiers
in openGear™ card format
The 9910DA-4Q features Quad-channel 1:4, Dual-channel 2:8; or Single-channel 1:16;
Customize user configuration available via Card Edge and DashBoard™;
Units available as Reclocking or Non-Reclocking.

9501-DCDA-3G Downconverter

The 9501-DCDA-3G is a 3G/HD-to-SD down-converter with ARC and can provide up to four SD-SDI
and/or analog composite outputs as well as up to four reclocked SDI input copies.
With its space saving design the low-power, high-density 9501-DCDA allows up to 20 cards per frame.


BBG-1002-UDX Up/Down/Cross Converter
• Multiple Input
• Frame Sync
• Optional Smart Auto-changeover input
- Black Raster
- Frozen Video
- Loss of Audio
• Web-based user interface/remote control, and Front Panel LCD local control
• Available with analog audio and composite analog video I/O
• Available with AES I/O

CobaltDigital-BBG-1040-1 2

BBG-1040-ACO Auto-Changeover
• Dual relay protected input -- Signal passes even without power
• Smart Auto-Changeover input
- Black raster
- Frozen Video
- Loss of Audio
• Character Burn on loss of video input
• Framesync for test pattern generation on loss of input
• Moving box on loss of video input
• Web-based user interface/remote control, and Front Panel LCD local control

Cobalt Digital also features the 9400 Fiber Cards including CWDM and the new L-BAND,
new improved performance analog distribution amplifiers 9910DA-AV,
and Blue Box Group Fiber Throw-down modules.
All cards are offered for openGear® Frames.

For more information about our new products please visit our website,
email us, or give us a call to speak with our knowledgeable sales team.