DPS is now the Sole Dealership of iBoardTouch Interactive Touchscreen
DPS is now the Sole Dealership of iBoardTouch Interactive Touchscreen
DPS is now the Sole Dealership of iBoardTouch Interactive Touchscreen

Digital Precision Systems Ltd., now offers the awarded iBoardTouch from UK!

Why iBoardTouch?

Easy to use, slim profile interactive touchscreens with built in Android and the option to run Windows or integrate it. Powerful software provides users with the ability to interact and collaborate in real-time with colleagues anywhere in the world.

iBT products provide an interactive realtime collaboration experience like no other, our easy to use products are designed to work in Education, Business, Corporate, Healthcare and Digital Signage environments.



iBT V+ Lite interactive touchscreens provide crystal clear text and images with exceptional clarity in daylight without needing to darken the room.

Upgrading to the ProPack gives you a built in PC providing you with an all-in-one low maintenance solution with no trailing wires that saves you space and looks good. Choosing iBT means investing in a product that fits in with your day to day operations. Multi-platform support means that you can easily share content with colleagues working on devices with different operating systems (Windows, Apple and Android).



The iBT range offers affordable real time collaboration and interactivity like no other. With a complete range of affordable interactive solutions from 42" to 98", iBT has it covered.

From Primary Schools to Universities our slim profile, interactive touchscreens with comprehensive intuitive software allow users to teach, collaborate and share content. Multiplatform support means you can also interact with tablet and laptop devices through the iBoardTouch. Software that allows you to open Promethean files and open and edit Smart files so you don’t need to worry about converting existing materials.



Take advantage of slim state of the art technology, lower price, lower power consumption, innovative remote teaching software and real-time document collaboration. You’ll wonder why anyone considers any other interactive board on the market!


For more details, visit: http://iboardtouch.com