How to choose Lowel Lights?
How to choose Lowel Lights?

Choosing a Light
Lowel lights and accessories are efficient, easy to use and dependable. Choosing the right light is first a matter of determining your specific technical and aesthetic requirements.

To help, we offer a few brief descriptions of hard & soft light, lighting fixtures, and the options for using them.

Hard light:

  • produces strong, dramatic highlights and shadows unless diffused by user.
  • can be used relatively far away from the subject.
  • generally requires fill light to soften shadows and control contrast.
  • brightness and spill are fairly easy to control.


Focusing hard lights:

  • have beams that can be continuously varied from wide to narrow (flood to spot).
  • give the user control over the spread of the beam and the intensity of the light.
  • higher focusing ranges offer more control.


Lowel focusing hard light sources:

  • Pro light: 12, 30, 120v; 50 to 250w.
  • i & id light: 12/14v; 55,100w.
  • Omni: 12, 30, 120, 220/240v; 100 to 500w.
  • DP: 120, 220/240v; 300 to 1,000w.


High intensity (super spot) light:

  • throws hard light in a very narrow beam over a long distance.


Lowel high intensity non focusing (super spot) light options:

  • are available via a quick change accessory reflectors for Lowel Omni & DP lights.
  • are also available by using Clear Safety Glass with the Pro, i, & id lights.


Wide angle (broad) lights:

  • are semi hard and non-focusing.
  • light large areas evenly.


Lowel wide angle light sources:

  • V light: 120, 220/240v; 500w.
  • Tota light: 120, 220/240v; 300 to 800w.


Lowel non focusing hard light sources:

  • L light: 120v; up to 300w.
  • Lowel light: 120v; up to 500w.


Soft light:

  • consists of a relatively large, indirect light source (ex. an overcast sky)
  • produces gentle, flattering highlights and shadows.
  • needs to be closer to the subject.
  • tends to spill and reduce contrast.
  • requires little or no fill light.
  • works well as fill because it does not introduce hard shadows.

Lowel soft light sources include:

  • Rifa eX: 12/14, 30, 120, 220/240v; (3 sizes); 250, 500, 750, & 1,000w max. (Efficient, quick set up)
  • LowelScandles: 8 lamp cluster, 200w max total in daylight or tungsten color (Fluorescent).
  • Caselite: 2 or 4 lamp models, 110 or 220w in daylight or tungsten color (Fluorescent).
  • Lowel Fluo-Tec studio fluorescents (various model sizes) in daylight or tungsten color.
  • Lowel Ego desktop digital imaging light (daylight fluorescent)


Compatibility & Versatility:

  • Both Tota/Omni and ViP systems consist of focusing & wide angle hard lights that work well together in most lighting situations. All can be converted to soft sources with accessories. Tota/Omni and ViP systems share many of the same light control and mounting components.
  • Lowel fixtures such as the DP, Omni, and Pro function in multiple modes: as a focusable spot/flood light; as a high intensity super spot light (with an inexpensive accessory reflector for DP & Omni, or clear glass with Pro, & i); and as a soft source (with an umbrella, or diffusion).