Shanghai takes flight with Virtual Dream-News Studio
Shanghai takes flight with Virtual Dream-News Studio
Shanghai takes flight with Virtual Dream-News Studio
Shanghai takes flight with Virtual Dream-News Studio
Shanghai takes flight with Virtual Dream-News Studio

Shanghai Media Group (SMG) brand new virtual enabled Dream-News Studio


Applications of Virtual Camera tracking and Video Graphic rendering technology is on the raise; particuarly in TV brandings, motion pictures, advertisements, governments and many broadcasting of important events such as sports, concert, elections etc. The esculating demands led many schools and industrial institutes in adapting researches and education in professional video productions -- simply because it's where the money is.

Over the years, China's television industry had also been very commited in broadcasting technology development, steadily upgrading their softwares and hardwares systems, as well as essentializing the their professional trainings to world standards. All of this were tributed to the cultivation of quality TV and movie productions only to cope with the the demands of their tv audience -- who wears critial eyes and appreciate tasteful programmings.


Shanghai-Dream-News-Full-Studio-Setup with Vinten Radamec and Power Plus Super Power Virtual Jib System

Vinten Radamec Pedestal and Power Plus Super Virtual Jib support Orad high performance rendering system.


Last year, Shanghai Media Group (SMG), Shanghai's leading television station announced the recent transformation of their old TV News Center into the brand new, fully vR enchanced "Shanghai Dream-News Studio". The project was a storming sucess and the new studio had officially gone live in service since June 20th 2011.



The newly established "Dream-News Studio" marked an important evolution in China's television culture; the studio had adapted many advanced technology that is up to high industry standards. It signified prosperity in People's Republic of China and changes are on the horizon.  In a sense, the very experience of "Dream-News Studio" had defined a concise guideline for future China's television industry.


(Figure#2. Vinten Radamec FP-188 Pedestal in Shanghai Dream-News Studio)         

Vinten Radamec FP-188 Pedestal & FH100VR in Shanghai Dream-News Studio.


Radamec Quattro Pedestal and Robotic HeadOne of the most distinguished features of the Shanghai Dream News-Studio was the integrated of Vinten Radamec Robotics, a real-time virtual enabled camera tracking system provided by Digital Precision Systems Ltd. (DPS). This was the same advanced technology introduced for the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games; the secret behind China's sucessful debut in broadcasting live-virtual production feed to the world. The Vinten Radamec Robotics remains one of industry's best or perhaps at present the only camera tracking system that makes real-time production possible and it is integrated to run side by side with Orad's high-end graphical rendering platform in Shanghai Dream-News Studio.

The new virtual Studio was equipped with sets of Fusion FP-188 Remote Robotic Pedestals, FH-100VR mechanic /manual virtual enabled pan and tilt head in conjunction with the existing Radamec Quattro systems. Ultimately the greatest addition on set was the Power Plus SPJ-1046VR Super Power Jib (VR Enabled with encoded box), up to 6.5 meters -- a similiar virtual setup was later introduced into Shanghai Television Stations Financial Channel by Digital Precision Systems Ltd and Orad in the following months.



Digital Precision Systems Ltd and Orad been partners since the 2008 China Beijing Olympic Games in co-operating many sucessful virtual enabled projects for the many television stations, research centers, universities, government and institutions in China.

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