NCAM (Real-Time Motion Camera Tracking System)
NCAM (Real-Time Motion Camera Tracking System)
NCAM (Real-Time Motion Camera Tracking System)
NCAM (Real-Time Motion Camera Tracking System)
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NCAM Overview (Motion Camera Tracking)


The  Ncam camera tracking system  features a  multi-sensor bar that is unobtrusively mounted on  the camera and provides real-time data to the Ncam  tracking server. Ncam provides complete position and  rotation information, plus focal length and focus, via  industry-standard protocols compatible with any VR/ AR graphics system. It is suitable for a wide range  of applications both indoors and outdoors, across all  camera rigs—even handheld and Steadicam.


“We’ve had the great fortune to work with Ncam for  almost a year now. In that time we’ve been able to  do things with virtual graphics that we’vnever been  able to do before. They have an incredible team that  continues to innovate. We look forward to pushing  their technology even further in the years to come.”

Zac Fields Vice President Graphics & Technology  

FOX Sports Media Group


Instant real-time tracking

  • No need for time-consuming system calibration,  learning of environment or surveys. 

Multi-sensor hybrid technology

  • For a robust solution in mission critical situations,  Ncam combines patent-pending multi-sensor  technology. Ncam does not rely on simple optical-only  solutions.

Ultra-fast setup and workflow

  • Ncam Reality’s user friendly interface enables super  quick automated origin and axis alignment or speedy  and interactive manual placement via its image-based  modelling module.

Use existing graphics pipelines

  • Ncam supports all popular industry-standard broadcast  graphics engines, either via the Free-D protocol or  Ncam’s SDK.

Integrated lens calibration

  • Proprietary lens distortion model for all lens types via  in-built lens calibration module. Export lens calibrations  to your chosen graphics engine.

Lens encoding

  • Focal length and focus values via external ncoders or  direct data from Canon/Fujinon digital virtual ports via  smart ncoder cable.

SDK v2 for custom integration

  • The revolutionary new SDK v2.0 enables a rich  real-time data stream including timecode, optical  parameters, distortion maps and parametric camera  models plus support for future features.

Copper or fibre options

  • Ncam’s latest hardware design enables all data to  be sent down a single Cat6 Gigabit Ethernet cable.  Alternatively, this can easily be converted into fibre via  standard media converters