Our Service Rate

All general inspection and repair include minor adjustments, cleaning and lucubrating of the equipment (if applicable).

Spare parts quoted separately (if applicable).


PROFESSIONAL – Vinten & Automations / Camerobot / Clear-Com / NCAM / Power Plus / Autoscript
Broadcast & Industrial Equipment
(Manual / robotic Pedestals and heads)

Out-Warranty Service

In Warranty

On Site Service Flate Rate FREE
Site Inspection / Alignment & Repair $2800 (Initial Visit 1 Hr) FREE
Labour Rate - (after Initial Visit Hour) $900 (per Hour) FREE
Technical Consultation Contact us  

NOTE: All prices only reflects labour cost and subject to change.


PROFESSIONAL – Vinten / Sachtler / O'Connor / Jimmy Jib USA / DeSisti / Coemar / Leaderlight / PAG
Pro Video Camera Support Systems
(Fluid head, tripod legs and jibs)
Out-Warranty Service In Warranty
Services & Repair Flat Rate Flat Rate
On-Site Inspection & Repair $1800 (Initial Visit 1 Hr) FREE
On-Site Labour - (after Initial Visit Hour) $500 (Per Hour) FREE
General Inspection -- (Drop Off) $500 (Initial 1 Hr) FREE
Labour Rate - (after Initial Hour) $500 (per Hour) FREE

NOTE: All prices DO NOT INCLUDE parts replacement.


Ordering Spare Parts
Over 3000 common spare parts are stocked for consumer brands. Contact us

NOTE: Uncommon spare parts may take up to 3 months for factory delivery. (See FAQ for details)